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CPEP elevates your knowledge and employer-appeal and brings you up to the same high level that top PE and VC firms expect. CPEP accelerates career growth of professionals already working in the private equity space. And better still, it prepares graduating finance, accounting and business students best for quick, impressive starts to their careers in this industry.

CPEP Program Package Fee: US$ 775

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This is a one-time fee, which covers the USPEC exam, official exam-study handbooks, credential kit containing CPEP certificate and designation pin, and all material shipping costs. The CPEP program package fee does not include special local taxes, duties, and levies etc., which may be applicable in the receiver’s/ consignee’s/ applicant’s country.

Notes :
1. This fee may change without notice and does not include the training fee charged by training companies, universities, or institutions who offer exam-preparation training for USPEC exams.

2. Independent content providers may offer additional online content and reading resources, which are not a part of the CPEP program package. Such content has no connection with USPEC, or with preparation for CPEP™ exam, and USPEC does not prescribe them as mandatory reading for any CPEP™ candidate. USPEC has no control on the fee charged by these independent providers, and is not responsible for their quality.

3. USPEC is a standards and credentialing body and is not responsible for training delivery, and neither controls, nor is concerned with any aspect of training/ education. USPEC does not govern, mandate, or control the training/ program fee charged for the CPEP™ Program by any training company or education provider.

CPEP Charter

The CPEP™ program efficiently tops-up your current qualification in business, finance, accounting or investment management for smoothing your entry and growth in the private equity and venture capital industry. Among the most esteemed global PE qualifications around, the CPEP™ charter ratifies and stamps best your potential and promise of handling even the most complex of roles and assignments in the private equity industry.

Built On A Robust Knowledge Framework

CPEP - Testing You on IFIS

The IFIS™-backed CPEP™ stands tall as an industry-focused qualification primarily because it has been insightfully developed after extensive research and consultations with dozens of experienced and accomplished PE experts from around the world, including chief investment officers, principal partners, fund managers, and investment principals - the same people who eventually hire talents for their PE firms.

CPEP™ exam straddles 22 essential areas of knowledge and skills demanded of professionals in the private equity and alternative investing space. CPEP™-certified professionals demonstrate knowledge of fundamental and critical concepts, principles, tools, and techniques; ability to comprehend complex application needs at the workplace; ability to synthesize and integrate varying requirements; skills to analyze requirements of an assignment, and apply techniques and tools at workplace independently, as well as guide team members in doing so.

All-Inclusive Package

Latest handbooks, anywhere exam-taking facility, digital badge, printed certificate, lapel pin and shipping of all material - everything is included in the registration package of the CPEP™ program.

  • Exam-Study Handbooks

    All participants of the CPEP™ program get exam-preparation kit containing the Mastering Private Equity Handbook and the Private Equity Casebook. These are the flagship learning and exam preparation resources containing exclusive content written for easy comprehension covering all dimensions of private equity knowledge and also for practicing applying important frameworks and concepts. No additional fee is charged for the learning resources from any participant.

  • Anywhere Exam Facility

    The exam can be taken by participants anywhere they wish to – home or office – once they are ready for exams and registered on ExamStrong™ – the revolutionary remote-proctored online exam platform. Exam fee is included in the registration package, so no additional fee is to be paid.

  • Printed Certificates & Lapel Pin

    Participants who qualify their exam get printed certificates shipped to them in a special box containing a lapel badge/ pin to be worn on a jacket or a shirt-top.

  • Shipping

    The first-time shipping of books, kits, certificates is covered under the program fee. Replacements, duplicates etc., will be shipped on charges as applicable, however.

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USPEC Private Equity Study Handbooks


1. In addition to the Official USPEC Handbooks, independent 3rd party content providers may offer participants access separately to online resources to help them learn the latest in the field. The 3rd party content is not part of the CPEP™ program package and is NOT prescribed as mandatory reading for CPEP™ certification exam. The 3rd-party content is not connected to CPEP™ exams. USPEC is neither responsible for the quality of any 3rd-party content, nor involved in its development or access. Candidates are free to choose if they want to study 3rd party content to expand their perspective, or avoid it. Registered candidates may email at to know more.

2. The books, learning kit, certificates etc., shown here in the image are only for illustration, and their design, colors etc., may change without notice. The certificate and the designation pin are awarded only after the passing of the exam. 3rd-party additional content are NOT part of the standard CPEP™ program registration package.

CPEP Candidacy

Working professionals, MBA students, and holders of other premier qualifications can all register for CPEP. The four registration tracks open CPEP for aspirants with diverse educational and work backgrounds having a prior exposure to financial analysis, capital markets, accounting and investing.

  • Track 1:

    MBA/ Master’s in Finance/ Accounting with at least two years of professional experience in investment banking, M&A, private equity, financial engineering, or a similar function.

  • Track 2:

    Bachelor’s qualification with a major in Finance or accounting with at least three years of professional experience in investment banking, M&A, private equity, financial engineering, or a similar function.

  • Track 3:

    Students of MBA/ Master’s programs in business schools and institutions recognized by USPEC or by any of the other global accreditation bodies like the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

  • Track 4:

    Currently working in any of the finance sub-functions with a Bachelor's qualification and an active CFA, CIMA (USA), CMA, CPEP, FRM credential, or a similar global certification.

CPEP™ Exam at a Glance

  • Duration of the Certification Exam

    90 Minutes

  • Location of the Exam

    CPEP™ Exam is completely online and digitally proctored. You can take the exam anywhere, even at home or in your office. You'll need your computer ExamStrong™ compliant prior to taking the exam.

  • Mode of Examination


  • Total number of questions in a typical examination


  • Type of Questions

    Multi-choice-Single-answer; Multi-Choice-Multi-answer

  • Standard Qualification benchmark for credential award

    65% correct answers; though awards will actually be decided using an algorithm that accounts into scaling, relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters

Note: Submission of Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 is mandatory to appear for your CPEP™ Exam.

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Organizations where CPEP Certified
Professionals Work

  • Aleyo Capital
  • Apex
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Cognizant
  • DXC Technology
  • Mckinsey and Company
  • Salaam Group
  • Standard Chartered
  • ZB Capital
  • BNP Paribas
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Plus Capital
  • Raiffeisen Bank Capital
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CPEP Journey

Check Eligibility Requirements

USPEC mandates you to meet certain educational and work experience requirements to become eligible. Before proceeding, check if you satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements for the CPEP™. It is recommended that you keep this information handy as it will be required while filling up your online application.

Fill Online Application

Once you have satisfied the CPEP™ eligibility requirements, it is time to apply. Start the application process by creating your myUSPEC account. Once you have submitted the online application and made a successful payment of the fee, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next step in the certification process.


An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the CPEP.

Learning Resources

Post your payment confirmation, you will receive your unit of the learning resources containing reading and learning material at the address you have registered with us. Normal delivery timeframe is three to four weeks.


USPEC earmarks a 120-day immersion period for CPEP™ registrants to help them build their conceptual foundations in Private Equity. You can schedule your exam any time after the 120-days immersion period is over. In fact, you also get an additional 245-days to plan and take your exam. Before taking the exam, you must complete two assignments as prescribed by the USPEC assessment policy in its multi-stage evaluation process.

Assignment CPE1 Solution Submission on PE Deal Design & Execution 75
Assignment CPE2 Solution Submission on PE Fund Management 75
USPEC Exam - CPEX1921 Final 90 Minutes Online Exam (50 Multiple Choice questions of 3 marks each) 150

Note: Submission of Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 is mandatory to appear for your CPEP™ Exam.


If you qualify the exam and meet other conditions, you are awarded the CPEP Charter Credential and the Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the award of Charter.

The Digitally Badged CPEP™

CPEP™ is digitally badged by CredBadge, using its secure, proprietary badging technology.

CPEP™ not only maximizes your profile visibility through social sharing, but it also adds distinction to your profile, being individually verifiable by a prospective employer or client.

The Digitally Badged CPEP™

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